[Bio-Edu] 抗体のFc Domainに強い結合親和性を持つStaphylococcus aureus protein A (通称 Protein A)について – ID3817 [2019/12/03] ID3817

Protein A

抗体のFc領域に強い結合親和性を持つStaphylococcus aureus protein Aを一般にProtein Aと呼んでいる。ここでは、Pronte A (SpA)と称する。


Crystal structure of a Staphylococcus aureus protein A domain complexed with the Fab fragment of a human IgM antibody: Structural basis for recognition of B-cell receptors and superantigen activity




  • Protein A 3D構造 :
    • 1DEE : SpA bound to human IgM Fab
  • Protein A (B-domain)
    • 1BDD : SpA B-domain (3 x Helix)
    • 5U4Y : SpA B-domain (3 x Helix) bound to IgG Fc
    • 1BDD : SpA B-domain (3 x Helix)
    • 4NPF : Two tandem B-domain
  • Protein A (C-domain)
    • 4WWI : bind to IgG Fc